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I hate this company absolutely unacceptable I had a transaction from paypal to my bluebird of allmost $200 yet my blue bird can not tell me where my money is or how long it will be till i will have it and this is far from being the first time I have had problems with this company but it will be the last once I have my money I will terminate my account permanently Add comment

*** you. Don't ever call me again. Add comment

Spoke with a Manager Brenda at Corporate was a total zero to help me with my dispute. Could care less that i was with American Express for 15 years. Offered no help or solution. I received 5 damaged couches from El Dorado as they are incapable of giving me a couch that was of quality. I spent almost $5000 dollars with this store. American express stand by their merchants and could care less about the consumers. They are condescending and rude.... Read more

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AMEX and Costco have made it impossible to remain an American Express customer without increasing my total number of credit card accounts as a result of the Costco split. After massive marketing campaigns to me, halfway through the 'application' to open a different AMEX card, AMEX staff tried to convince me to have BOTH the CitiVisa and a new AMEX in order to meet their transfer limits. But that would mean I will exceed my preferred number of... Read more

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This conpany needs reviewed by the Comptroller of Currency and class action legal suits need to be started. Direct deposits are being held from customers for up to 12 days, even electronic transfers from the state (child support). This is unacceptable! Customer service will use every excuse they can, they are rude and have even said to be quiet while "I" explain. Hmmm, sorry, I have heard these invalid "explanations" and what them to have MY... Read more

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Used to work for American Express down in Mexico City. Word of caution, the employees are not verified nor put thru a background check! These people are deportees from the US, with criminal backgrounds. Outsourcing at its best!! Add comment

They took my money a 25.00 deposit was placed back on card and they took 2.00 how many more people's have arethey doing this to then took another 4.00$ reporting to better businesses Add comment

In regard to the following problem, I have written letters both to the Fraud department and Macys in addition to placing multiple phone conversations with no help. Have filed a police report. No replies. Is there a way to sue American Express? They refused to remove a fraudulent charge from my Macy's card and after 6 months the charge has increased from $140 to $350. I called the vendor and I cannot find out what the charge was for. They have... Read more

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Decreased my limit from $8000 to $1300. Now hurt me even more because the card is now maxed out. No other company has ever lowered my limit! Major slap in the face. Had a nice family vacation planned for may and amex ruined that plan. They said I would recieve an email about verifying income and I never recieved it. Poor company in my eyes. Add comment

I have been a loyal customer with American Express over 5 yrs paying my account in full until the last 8 months. I spoke to an American Express representative each month to make payments and never once was I informed by any of them that my account was receiving an interest penalty payment. Until I inquired as to why my balance wasn't really changing despite multiple payments. Then I was told that in the last 6 months this American Express... Read more

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