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Used to work for American Express down in Mexico City. Word of caution, the employees are not verified nor put thru a background check! These people are deportees from the US, with criminal backgrounds. Outsourcing at its best!! Add comment

They took my money a 25.00 deposit was placed back on card and they took 2.00 how many more people's have arethey doing this to then took another 4.00$ reporting to better businesses Add comment

In regard to the following problem, I have written letters both to the Fraud department and Macys in addition to placing multiple phone conversations with no help. Have filed a police report. No replies. Is there a way to sue American Express? They refused to remove a fraudulent charge from my Macy's card and after 6 months the charge has increased from $140 to $350. I called the vendor and I cannot find out what the charge was for. They have no record of anything being send to my house. The Fraud department sent the charge back to... Read more

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Decreased my limit from $8000 to $1300. Now hurt me even more because the card is now maxed out. No other company has ever lowered my limit! Major slap in the face. Had a nice family vacation planned for may and amex ruined that plan. They said I would recieve an email about verifying income and I never recieved it. Poor company in my eyes. Add comment

I have been a loyal customer with American Express over 5 yrs paying my account in full until the last 8 months. I spoke to an American Express representative each month to make payments and never once was I informed by any of them that my account was receiving an interest penalty payment. Until I inquired as to why my balance wasn't really changing despite multiple payments. Then I was told that in the last 6 months this American Express company had added over an extra 2000 dollars of interest to my account. I found this organization to be... Read more

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I've visited your sites a few times noticing you help people who have been scammed. I was wondering if you could help me and others that have been scammed. AMEX by taking a blind eye and holding card holders to illegal contracts even when cancellation notices have been provided is aiding and abetting criminals by allowing known illegal charges to go through. I started two petitions with two of my AMEX cards (Costco and Hilton). Would you pass these along to your readers so we can get the message to AMEX? Our goal is to reach well over 100... Read more

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Their customer service sucks. I've been a customer for 2 months, and I'm paying off my balance and never using the card again. What a joke. I signed up for credit card and was approved. A few weeks later, I get a promo in the mail for $250 cash back on the same credit ard that I just received. I called customer service and asked them to honor that promo. They said they'd make a claim for me. I waited for a month, and chatted in. They said that they didn't have a claim on file, and they created a new claim, and that I would have to wait for a... Read more

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Want to use your Macy's American Express card for your Starbucks Auto-reload program? Think again! I have have nothing but problems with the card constantly being refused. First, the excuse was it was a rare charge. Then when I had a are having the charge too often. Make up your mind! I then got - we'll note it on your record that you are requesting no refusal from Starbucks. Did that work? Heck no! I have called 4 more times after that and have gotten a variety of excuses and solutions - none of which worked. ... Read more

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Lied to by American Express. AMEX sent an application for a Delta Sky Miles card. The offer was to get 35000 miles after making $1000 in purchases in 90 days and a $50 credit on the account. I had a card about three years ago that I canceled because of the $95 annual fee. I called to see if I qualified since I had a card previously. I was told yes. I applied and the card was approved. I made $1000 in purchases and no points were received. I called customer service (a joke because they do not care about customer service) and was told I... Read more

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They helped me link a bank accout up so i would get paid from a customer. After the money was transferred they froze over 600 for violating their terms. Eight years of fighting them i still dont have my money. *** thiefs. Add comment

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