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I had a American Express Pre-Paid Bluebird Card. On 21 Jul 16 I notice an unauthorized transaction for $275 to MADAME TUSSAUDS LONDON ONLINE. I immediately contacted AMEX and the vendor about the fraudulent transaction. I was told by AMEX that I needed to close my card and they will re-issue me a new in 7 days and that when the transaction on my account is no longer on hold I can submit fraudulent claim. So I did, On the 24 Jul 16 informed AMEX... Read more

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I have had a terrible experience with the selection process of Amex. Not that I am not a worthy candidate but they have failed to absorb me stating that I am "overqualified" for their profiles. I have appeared for the written tests and cleared it "twice". Then yesterday they give me a call to appear for an interview which was supposed to be over by the evening. But, to our surprise it took us approximately 10 hours to wait for the team leader... Read more

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We got the platinum card not only for the travel benefits but also because of the supposed world-class service it advertises for when things can go wrong with travel. The platinum card perks are great but when you actually have something go wrong, the service you get is about the same as you get with any other regular credit card. My wife bought a flight from the AMEX travel site, using the card, that had a specific itinerary to fly overseas... Read more

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i suppose to get the refund of $ 9.19 of this amount will be back on my account but the manager didn't do his job and i did ask him to reverse it but his not listening to me he just ignore me then i told him his not doing his job then he start pressing mute cause i was talking then he just ignore me i just want to resolve this problem by reverse the transaction on the account was been mistaken charge on the account so if you review it its not... Read more

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i was in southern california near LA, in a hotel ( booked using my american express card) when someone used my card information to make fraudulent purchases in Sacramento - 6 hours away at two different walmart stores in close proximity to each other. american express fraud "investigation team" determined that..... i made the purchases ( they must think i have the ability to teleport) and suspended my account "due to a violation of member... Read more

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I had the worst time with Amerixan express card employees. First it took me months to ressolve my case, now i am back with them because they reported negative to the credit bureau because i was away iut of the country for my Dads funeral and could not make payments to their card that was given to me when i did not ask for it. Poor customer service and the worst credit card collections employees that are from india and dont understand the way... Read more

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My Costco AmEx card was due to expire in Feb and they attempted to mail me a new card. I didn't get it so I called AmEx. In talking with the young woman, I said I really don't want to go with Citibank so why don't I just move back to a Gold Card and stay with AmEx. (I already have a Citibank card with a high limit and I was on my husband's AmEx since 1969.) We did this. I had no idea this would result in an Adverse Account report from AmEx... Read more

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I would never use american express again my experience with them was very bad. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.....

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I have been using the Serve card for 4 years now and have had no problems until just this last week. I made an online payment to the hotel where I'm staying, which declined on the hotel's end. American Express put the funds on hold, however, and after three phone calls, they are refusing to release the funds back into my account. I have now had to come up with additional funds to pay the hotel, and I am now left completely broke. I now have 4... Read more

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I have been with american express for more then 10 years and I have had a few late fee and interest charge on my card which I got removed. I tried to do that again but this time the customer representative and the supervisor (Saileen) I spoke with where no help and drove me to a point where I would like to cancel my card. They where not understanding and kept going in their own loop. I asked to transfer to another supervisor and what a... Read more

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