American Express Serve Card SUCKS!!!!!

Update added by user Jan 05, 2013

So once again I spent a day contacting the retailer and getting no where, I then went back to American Express to give them a chance to help me. They closed my account and will not answer any e-mails and when I call my call is dropped as they keep telling me (funny my call has been dropped five times in less then 20 min. thinking they need a better phone service).

Original review posted by user Dec 05, 2012

For all of you that signed up or thinking about signing up for the American Express Serve card.....DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!

BAD BAD!!!!!

I signed up thinking American Express good company!

I bought item, bad item, returned item, company stated would return monies, 30 days later no monies call company stated past 30 days......Called American Express Serve Card they stated there was nothing they could do so sorry good luck.......So out the monies and item and no support.If I had used my credit card I would not lost my monies so beware and for warned the Serve card is nothing but *** and if you buy stuff make sure you want it as they will not help you!!!!

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Mar 24 Casper, Wyoming

I tried for 6 months to have an incorrect address changed with American Express Service. I contacted them several times, each person I spoke to was from a foreign country and gave me different way to resolve the issue. Which included faxing proof of my address, making phone calls, etc. Still could not get them to change my address, I had to cancel my account. I would not select American express serve again.

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Jan 29 Denver, Colorado

I've had a charge for $200.00 on my card from a foreign point of sale since November 3, 2014. I did not make or authorize the charge. I disputed it. It is now January 29, 2015 and I am being td that I must wait until Februaary 19, 2015 to ca back again to check the status of this dispute. They are telling me that they "are unable to contact the merchant", and that I may never see this money back in my account. To add, the dispute department can barely speak or understand English, TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!
I am now filing a police report against American Express and Agent Mark B. for theft as they have no explanation for this "fraudulent" charge that cost me $200. They are in direct violation of their own stated policy for disputes!

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Jan 20 Tampa, Florida

I tried using my Serve card at Publix Supermarket and the card was rejected.

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Nov 26, 2014 Kernersville, North Carolina

Do not put your money in American Express Serve prepaid card, it will be your worst nightmare trying to access your own money. This card sucks, and I mean it sucks. The banking commission shouldn't even allow them to operate as a company.

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Nov 01, 2014

American Express Serve sucks!! I try to use my card, it won't read at ANY machine!! And customer service is even worse. I thought American Express was a good company. I would give anything for a resolution!!

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Oct 08, 2014 Sausalito, California

Thats your responsibility! Not American express! I love my serve card and cant nobody tell me nothing bad about them! Your an ***!

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Oct 04, 2014

By far best card ever i have 2 checking accounts and still use this card more works great as a savings 2 reccomend 100%!

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Ms Millie

Aug 29, 2014 Atlanta, Georgia

This card is advertised on a radio station107.9 and they are pushing it hard . so I decided to give it a try and let my direct deposit go on this card what a mistake. after a few attempts to the bank to do a withdrawl I was told that Iwas over my daily limit . I called AME Serve and was told the monthly limit is $2000 per month , if i need more than $2000 in a single month I will have to do a western union which could take up to 48 hours or a bank draft that takes 48 hours. Which means to carry this card I need to make under $24,000 per year. Now you do the math who are they marketing to (heavy) then you cant buy money orders at all , you can make purchases at Wendys to name a few. they promised my pay check as soon as it is deposited , my old card I got paid on wed nights , this card I get my deposit on friday morning no sooner than 7 am . basically 2 days after my company make the deposit. terrible idea I am closing my account as soon as next month come when I can get the rest of my money off this card!

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Nov 26, 2014 Kernersville, North Carolina

I don't blame you at all, I am having the same problem, I over the $2000.00 mark for the month and I been waiting for 3 days to get my money from western union. I am on hold now that I been waiting for 50 minutes and counting on the phone. I will cancel this card as soon as I get my money out of this account. Most merchants do not take AMEX cards because they cost to much to do business with. But then AMEX charges you to take cash out of the ATM and charge you to do a western union transfer if you go over the $2000.00 mark. Its like AMEX control what you take out and them make you pay them for taking it out. This card is sucks

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Jul 10, 2014

I recently got a serve card because my husband and I moved up the country and were are now 600 miles away from our usual checkings and savings bank. I read all of the fine print all of the cards at the dollar store and this one had the least amount of fees, infact if I choose the right ATM to get cash out of I will never be paying any fees because we put in at least $500 a month. My favorite part is when it calculates the total amount that you have left, it includes the pending amounts so there are no surprises there, very pleased overall.

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May 29, 2014 El Centro, California

Just bought one a couple of hours ago and I tried to register and it said it was already registered and i let that one go.
Went to a website to purchase something and it said it was declined yet in the booklet it says: Start using your card , no need to activate it & shop online or in stores.
I'm so stressed out right now and AE is keeping me waiting for an employee to attend my call...

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May 17, 2014 The Woodlands, Texas

Well I have been on hold for 43+ :( :eek mins and counting with 1-800-555-4318. I have direct deposit going to this card and for the 3 months I have had it I have had no problem and have added 3000.00+ to it. After this I am going to end my account with them and no longer have my direct deposit in their money making system. Their loss not mine . 8)

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May 06, 2014

Agreed. I love American Express but their Serve Card has horrible customer service. I signed up for serve through my Isis Mobile Wallet in order to get the $25 credit. For some reason it would not let me sign up. I talked to customer service and they informed me that I had a serve account from years ago. They told me to cancel my old account and create a new one. It wouldn't let me sign up for a new account. After over 20 hrs (each call about 48 mins or so)of customer service, they just told me "sorry, there is nothing we can do". Customer service also does not listen to the problem. They pretend they are going to help you, give you some steps to follow and then you do everything they say and in the end they say sorry.

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Apr 26, 2014

I agree with AMEX Serve card has been a bad experience compared to their credit cards. My complaint is mainly about their customer service. It is worst service ever, after you list out all your info (card number, code, security code, security question, social etc.,) and ask a simple question on a trasaction they put you on hold for 12+ min to get back to you(the rep will say 2 to 3min but it has been always longer). Sometimes you get disconnected after being on hold for ever to start the call all over again. No call ticket numbers to fallowup. I believe call centers are located outside US and reps fallow a script and do not use their head to listen to customer question. AMEX needs to provide same level of customer service to prepaid cards. The online account is hard to load transactions to view or export.

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Dec 20, 2013

I have to agree. This card is and everything that goes with it seems to be a huge scam. I purchased the temp card at a Walgreens. I then went to register it online and was told I had to contact the customer service department because I was using a PO Box. So I did that and they kept referring me to register online. Strike one. Then they told me I need to use my physical address to register so they could verify that. And to update to a PO Box I would need to fax a bank statement to verify my PO Box address. Seems rather skeptical for a pre-paid card to want my bank statement. Strike two. Then they wanted my social security number to verify I was who I was. Again skeptical. All of this seems very strange since you need a physical address to get a PO Box in the first place. I spoke with 5 different reps today who all told me something different. I just hope when they say the call will be monitored it was. They had no clue what they are doing. The 4th rep I spoke with left me on hold for exactly 36 mins. I heard 9 different hold songs, that were actually current songs. I finally told the last and 5th rep to cancel all of this ridiculousness. I don't want the card or to be affiliated with anything AMEX. I'm sad though, because I know AMEX is very reputable, but putting their name on some outside company for pre-paid services is definitely a horrible move. I kept getting cut off on the phone lines, most of the reps I could tell English was not their first... Show more

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Oct 10, 2013

I never can close my account BAD, Bad, Bad

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Oct 08, 2013

Got a card as payment from Chegg. I don't know why one GREAT company would team with such a terrible one. I quickly used the money so I could get rid of the card and somehow ended up with a negative 0.01 balance. Tried to transfer in a penny from my debit card for fear of a fee, ended up with a suspended bank card because TD found it suspect! Tried to talk to customer service about just cancelling the account and they wanted me to fax a copy of my driver's license which I DID NOT do. Finally got TD to let me transfer the penny and immediately cancelled the account online and got a confirmation e-mail.
Customer service should have been able to clear that up...however, TD Bank was EXTREMELY HELPFUL! I would recommend them to anyone in their area of service, I've had them for almost 5 years after they bought out my local bank.

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Sep 08, 2013 Redwood City, California

Bad customer service
Very Robotic
My balance has been zero
THey refused to close my account

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Jul 28, 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah

I tried to dispute a charge with my serve. They told me I had to confirm my identity before allowing me to dispute a charge. I faxed in SS card and Driver's license as they asked and then call back. When I called back the horrible person kept me on hold for 5 minutes or more and then said I was no longer able to keep my serve account. I asked why and she refused to say stating AMEX reserves the right not to say why. I asked for a supervisor and she then said no one available for 24 hours.

I asked about my dispute and she simply said I would have to now dispute the charge with the fincnacial institution I used to fund my card.

I HATE AMEX. Why would they cancel a prepaid card I used loyally for 3 years. Its a friggin prepaid card. I am embarrased to say that the customer service agent pissed me off so royally that I shouted several times in her ear the F-Word.

F-American Express

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Jul 08, 2013 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

i opened my serve about a month ago,i put $80 in my account,all of sudden i got an email that my account was suspended and i need to fax to forms of id ,i did it and it was told the was not clear.I got tired of sending serveral faxes,i talked to many hours on the phone with them,i want to close my account i get my money back and they not do it.This prepaid card is bad bad,BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE.

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