Camden, New Jersey
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American Express may have the most worthless application process I have ever encountered.

When submitting an application online I am told I will receive a decision within 15 minutes via email.

I receive an email, follow the link to a page that says my application is "canceled". There is a link to click for more information, on that page it says a decision cannot be provided at this time.

The trail goes cold there. Apparently they have snail mailed me a form I need to fill out, but they didn't tell me. So after a week of no response, I apply online again and get the same result.

I finally get the form in the mail so that they can access my tax returns. I fill it out and send it back and wait some more.

A week later I get a letter that says the information I provided previously was unacceptable. They give me another copy of the form, only they never told me what was wrong with the first one so I can submit it properly.

I tore it to pieces and recycled it. I tried to submit a complaint to them, but cannot contact them online without an account, which I cannot create, because I don't have their card yet.

Screw this company. If it is this hard to deal with them and I'm not even their customer yet, I don't want to think what it would be like once they have already sucked me in.

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They called me took me through a 30 minute long application process over the phone, said they needed more information. Shouldn't they run your credit before they ask you all of those questions?

Why take a person through a 30 minute application process as if you are applying for a mortgage, never again the next time they call I will tell them. No thanks!

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