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This consumer credit card company has been suing consumers who default for years. In order to sue in California, a business MUST be licensed with the CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE. American Express Centurion Bank did NOT become licensed in California until 9.18.2009.

This means that American Express has been suing ILLEGALLY IN CALIFORNIA for decades. American Express has been garnishing people's wages, taking bank accounts, foreclosing on people's homes and threatening people with complete disregard for the law.

Worse, because they were American Express, everyone assumed that they were licensed and they have been getting away with it. IT IS TIME TO STAND UP TO THEM. I

*** HAVE BEEN SUED BY AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK in the last four years, AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK has a judgment against you, and/or AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK has collected money from you in the last 10 years, I CAN HELP YOU. I AM A LAWYER who specializes in the Federal Fair Debt Collection Act and its California counterpart, the Rosenthal Act. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR MONEY BACK, to have illegal judgments removed from your credit, and to additional damages for all of the pressure, stress and lies they told you and the court. Email me at fakejudgments@yahoo.com

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I recently got the blue bird credit card with am.express to get direct deposit put on it, and my money is LOST...My job direct deposited my pay, but it never showed up on my card. Now, I'm screwed on a weeks pay + 13 extra hours... Don't know what to do, I can't get a lawyer cause my money is lost...


I am having this same problem right now. The "customer service" is useless and does nothing but put you on hold, give you a runaround, and speak disrespectfully to you as a customer.

They even implied that it was my fault and I did not set up the direct deposit correctly, even though the previous pay deposited two weeks ago. Their product is targeted at low to moderate income consumers who are likely living "check to check". I'm assuming because of that they assume two things: 1) screwing around with a payroll direct deposit is crippling to most of their customers. and 2) most of their customers do not have the financial backing to take action against them.

As I am searching the internet about this problem, I keep finding more and more consumer complaints about this issue and other serious issues with various ways Bluebird withholds customer's money.



I was sued by American Express on May of 2011!! I responded and will be there in court for my RESPONSE to the crooked SOB"S!!!!!!!!!


Don't you think if you take the money, you should repay the debt? If you want to drive your credit costs higher, take away creditor's ability to enforce contracts.


I have a simple question.Is it the same company American - Express and American Express Centurion Bank? Who knows?


I guess you haven't figured out who runs the country, have you, blahh? You've been drinking the Kool-Aid. People are incompetent, not the institutions, and people don't look at the law, even those who are supposed to enforce it.

@No, You're the ***, blahh



Bottom line is UNamerican ExpressME is JUNK!! Hardly any merchants want to accept their plastic!

They charge the merchants TOOOOOOO MUCH MONEY!! I get a court case and or judgement soon to be filed against me notice on my credit report every 30 days like clockwork! Only problem, THERE is no case to be filed???

No i have not excepted their Extortion for money and this will stop!I told AE that my *** is open 24/7 for them to kiss! Offer stands........


:eek i have never had a credit card with american express centurian bank but they say i have and are saying i have a charge off, whats up with that?


amex turned me over to collections after my divorce when i filed a bankruptcy to get our stolen boat's 1500 a month payment off my back...turned out they owed me $500...i used to use that account to save money for christmas :) i will never deal with them again 8)


Hey :) :p


My complaint with Amex is raising my interest rate even thought I've never carried a balance, and have excellent credit. I never imagined that someone would be complaining because Amex expects consumers to pay their bills.

No wonder all interest rates went up. Pay your freaking bills already. Take responsibility.

Stop whining and live within your means. REALLY.


How about just paying back the debt you made and stop looking for handouts?


Run up the legal bill for American Express, and then file Chapter 7 or 11 or 13.......now this will hit them where it hurts also!!


Again RISE UP AND TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!!!! Take back your state.......start ballot changes to overturn the abuse--no garnishment and taking over of your homes!


In order to sue mr. attorney, you need to file in court dont you...

in order to get a judgement a judge has to review the case. Dont you think out of all the lawsuits and judgements... someone in all of the courts in california would relize that Amex could not sue if they could not?

Are you saying all the courts and legal staff in them are incompitent? Why not empty out all the prisons then?

What a ***!!


:p 8) :roll :cry :( :eek :cry :( :( :( :x :cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :)


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