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I was married in August of 2014. I officially changed my name November 2014. I called customer service in December 2014 to find out how to begin the process of updating my last name. Was on hold for 23 minutes, my first call, and every subsequent call is an equally if not longer wait time. I spoke to a woman whos name i asked for 3x and still could not tell you what it was. She said that i would need to fax proof of my marriage and a copy of either my DL or SS card showing my name.

I faxed my marriage license issued by the state of Washington, with the appropriate seal and signature, not the cutesy one you hang on the wall. I also faxed a copy of my new DL. I have subsequently faxed my marriage license 5x now, my new DL 3x, my previous DL along with my new one (ya know trying to provide as much information as possible) 1x, and then i sucked it up and faxed a copy of my SS card, pretty much by protest.

My last attempt was on 02/06/16 and they said they cannot see the license because of the fax. The marriage license is expired accordibg to them. Marriage licenses onky expire if you do not get married within the valid dates. Our license was filed a week after it was issued, well before the expiration date.

If my husband and I were not trying to buy a house i would be closing this account. The best part is my loan application is on hold because the name on my account doesnt match my legal name.

American Express you are better than this *** excuse for a "alternative banking solution".

I have more trouble using this card as if i am asked for identification, i wilk usually have to use my actual credit card as they wobt accept my id because, yup yiu got it THEY DO NOT MATCH!!! This process is holding up mine and my husbands ability to purchase our first home. I have provided the required documentation several times over 1.5 years and still my old name is on my card.

I dont expect anything to actually come of this. I will simply open a new account at a different bank transfer my direct deposit and close the BlueBird card once we are in our home and our loan is closed.

I will never recommend this product to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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*Update: 05/09/16:

I have not been contacted by Bluebird yet.

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