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I Derrick Heggs, have sent a written notice to the Utah address concerning my account being unlocked in order to have access to my funds, my funds in this account a total of $352.00 and some change, my account was locked on the 7th of December and the written letter was sent out to American express serve on the 8th of December and received on the 11th of December I paid for notification of delivery, and yet the account is still at this day locked I have called every single day to try and resolve the matter, if it was to close the account in accordance with agreement with account, an account with funds shall not be lock and clearly mine had a valuable amount of funds in it is now 10 days till Christmas and I have no funds due to whatever reason someone decided to lock my account, At this point I don't care why..I just want the account unlocked in order for me to get my remaining funds from the account and go about my life and will never have any dealings American express ever again. They have

home and immediate contact number.

I need and want the account unlock asap as to where I can get my money out of the account and American express can keep there account and I will not be a customer....I had no dispute or issues in august, September,november, nor December just a dispute in October and if that's the case why lock the account in December right after reciving my disability benefits from the government,, Why not lock the account in November if there was a disrepency with my account,,,something is not right and not adding up. AND THEN TO NOT EVEN COMMUNICATE WITH ME AND GIVE NO INFORMATION MAKES THE MATTER EVEN WORSE OF A SUPPOSED SCAM OR SENSE OF THEFT FROM MYSELF THE CUSTOMER,,Granted I'VE BEEN PATIENT AND CALM WITH THE MATTER I ASKING UNLOCK THE ACCOUNT SO THEREFORE I CAN GET MY FUNDS FROM THIS ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY..

Derrick Heggs

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I feel you I've been fighting for my 600 bucks they locked back in 2009, I followed through everything they told me to do not to mention the two hour hold times everyday. I'm thinking class action law suite.


I have had same thi g happen to me today i ha e 556.00 in my account they locked it an wont explain why said code 15d an they would mail me my money i pray i get it.

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