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I would like to file a complaint regarding American Express. I am a small business owner and I am extremely particular about my credit. With a lot of hard work, years in the making, my credit score was nearly perfect.

Because of the flexibility of the American Express Platinum card and it’s advertised “no preset spending limit”. This is advertised on all of there web sites, TV and print advertising.(COPIED FROM THEIR WEB SITE)Airport Club Access Exclusive amenities at boutique, resort, and luxury hotels Platinum Travel Service No pre-set spending limit The Membership Rewards First® program Platinum Card Concierge Service By Invitation Only® Events I applied for and received this card and paid a very high annual fee ($450.00 PLUS $250 for each additional card holder) for this privilege so that I could use it for larger purchases.

Later, because we are launching a new business I also ordered anther American Express revolving card and a line of credit account. All accounts were solely based on personal credit and I was told that up front.

American Express extended numerous solicitations on the platinum card to pay some of my purchases over time. You were instructed to request to pay over time and then they would take several days to approve. In order to help finance my new business, I also took advantage of that offer.I paid fully and on time according to the terms of my agreement. I never made a payment late. I had only used a percentage of the credit available to me on the line of credit and the revolving card as they came with a preset limit that I was given in writing.

I purposely kept my spending below the max available so that it would not adversely effect my credit score. Bait and switch ... I was shocked when my Platinum card was declined for a small purchase. I contacted American Express and was told that they had decided to give me a “credit limit” that was less than my current balance on the card and that I was over their newly imposed limit. They gave me no reason for doing this and gave me no advance notification.I had recently written a check from the line of credit to cover some other purchases. I had checked the available credit prior to doing this and it was sufficient to cover the check. Several weeks later I received letters in the mail saying they had reduced my limit on my revolving card and my line of credit account.

I called and asked if the check would be honored as I had written it prior to them reducing my limit. They refused to honor it and returned the check. (costing me fees)

Their reason? Because I didn't have a Dunn & Bradstreet number. I've requested a number from Dunn & Bradstreet and have never received one. Yet remember that my line of credit was secured off of my personal credit, not my business credit worthiness.

This matter has had a severely negative impact on my credit score. By reducing the credit limits, it looks as though I was maxed out on my available credit which causes your score to drop dramatically. Not only has it limited my credit line with American Express buy has caused me to be declined by others because of the negative impact on my credit.

Not only is this False and deceptive advertising and “bait and switch” , This is an unethical practice and I feel American Express should be made to honor their agreements. Especially with regard to the fact that they charge exorbitant membership fees for the “privilege” and then renege on the original offers.

I would like my original terms restored immediately and the information corrected with all credit bureaus. I have attached my most recent statement that shows on page 1 the new "pre set line".

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this is happening all across this nation. beware everyone there will be no middle class in the not to distant future. It is expected of us to revolt, just stand your ground use cash and pray for the bankers AS THEY PASS BY on their way to ***


American Express raised my interest, and did not tell me. I called the customer care, and they said it was legal.

The customer card respresentives were not very helpful, and claimed it was my fault. My other bank give me a $50,000.00 credit line. American Express gave me a credit limit of $2,000.00. My credit score is about 840.

American Express is a company that I do not want to do business without, becasue Of their poor services, and they did not give me notices of changes to my terms and conditions. I would like advices from anyone who can help me with my American Express card.

The bottom line is American Express is a card that I will leave home without it. Thank you


Same story here w/ Amex - lame answers & all. I am furious as I have been a very good customer, w/ no late payments, excellent credit, & no spending limit for 20 years!

After reading many of the same consumer complaints I am concerned about losing air-miles as it appears they have me targeted for a path that leads to cancellation....(which at the very least has me mystified!) The only answer I have is that maybe they are in financial straights & trying to dump debt before they sell.?? nevertheless I am scrambling to book flights before the other shoe drops & before I cancel my card.

That is my advice. Good luck to all & good ridance to AMEX.


I logged on to my AMEX account to make a payment and noticed that my credit line was reduced from 30k to 3k. (Leaving me $200 available credit) I called and was told that I have negative information on my credit report.

While on the phone with the rep, I pulled my 3 FICO scores online and they were between 731 -761 for all 3 bureaus. (Im sure my FICO will drop soon since my amex line is nearly maxed out)

I was then told that it is due to my mortgage loans. the rep stated " people with personal mortgage loans are higher risk and we are cutting their lines". I asked " so I am basically being penalized for having a mortgage" and she said " Yes you are". THE END

p.s. I am pretty pissed because for the past 5 years I swore by AMEX and recommended them to all my friends for great customer support and problem resolution.

p.s.x2 AMEX if you are monitoring this: you told me my file will be reviewed in 12 months for a possible line increase, next paycheck, the 30th of this month (October) I'm paying off your card in full, and cutting it in 12 little pieces. Don't freak out, I'm not closing the account, gimme a holler next year and we'll talk about it.


AmEx did same thing to me, except didn't get notice, tried to use for small purchase and was declinced. As with all of you, I too have paid in full on time, generally ahead of time.

They should have at least informed all of us by email or mail that this was being done. No wonder our economy is in the mess it is when companies like AMEX can do anything they so desire to the consumer.


The today sent my friend similar notice that they have reduced the limit from 10000 to 500. Quoting that they were informed by credit bureau that he had too much credit available and hadnt been paying on time.

He used to make a minimum payment on amex just to avoid defaulting and would in full every few months. He makes more than $7000 every month and has a 700+ credit score. As I found out I did some searches and there was a interesting comment by a guy.. he said the this is a scandal by amex..

they are deliberately cutting limit of good customers as they seem to make a lot more money from defaulters. People who pay on time are not as profitable as people who are late and over the limit. Its ridiculous for a person who spends at least $1000 pm on a credit card to be restricted to $500 limit. I think its time for affected loyal amex customers to find another card.

If you cancel make sure you ask them that you dont owe them anything.. These companies are nasty when it comes to closing accounts.. you might have some other charges which you may not told at the time of closing and will send you a letter in mail and if you happen to miss it then they wont hesitate to inform the recovery department of your missing payment.

For those of you who plan to stick to amex despite the insult... i think they will revert your credit limit after few months of their money making spree..


American express reduced my line of credit from $11000K to $500, I call them 3 times trying to find out why...

these are their cheap excuses :

1) you have a problem with your credit score.. ( I react in panic a credit report immediately was perfect as always)

2) I call again I told them I have my credit report in my hands and is a perfect score. (this time they told because I did not use it recently)

3) I call again .. because it wasn't right ...this time I was told because I owe them money.. ($156, what are credit cards for ????)

I never ..was late in payments !!


You are not alone. American Express and other large banks are performing these acts on thousands if not millions of perfect payment consumers, and the scope covers all areas of credit from personal cards to HELOCS.

The media, as driven and owned by the banks would have "us" believe that this act is a mandatory lifeboat response having to do with managing risk and loss precipitated by the mortgage fiasco which in fact was created by the banks themselves when they threw billions of dollars at unqualified consumers around 2001 with knowledge of their poor risk and just to make a buck. The truth is that the main banks, thanks to affiliations with the Federal Reserve, will always "win". For the past 8 years of this crony administration the banks have not only made huge buckets of cash via the standard interest-rate way on cards but in addition, have been gloried by corporate tax breaks. Now the tide is turning and the thieves will be driven from office in November via the peoples' elections.

This means no more tax slash for banks. So they're waking up, albeit groggily and with greed at the forefront, as always, driving the corporate bottom line, they are sticking it to long standing good faith customers without the slightest regard for damaging their credit. This becomes a temporary double-win for the banks as they incrementally raise interest rates to squeeze the last drop and chase the balance to unconscionably wreck the credit of good faith customers like yourself. In order to understand why this happening, you should distance yourself from your personal picture and examine the larger picture objectively.

The fact of the matter is that this is a planned operation by the main banks in conjunction with the Federal Reserve to gain substantial control over the populace, whittle down all but the highest class and proceed with the next step in the New World Order. What can you do in response? Well, you can quit spending on your cards and rip them up. Quit living beyond your means if it involves using credit and savor the feeling.

You can feed the negativity created by dwelling on their injustice or you can learn new ways of living to free yourself from the clutches of institutionalized banks. Or, you can calculate the damages the banks have in fact caused you by ruining your good credit and might be surprised to find that the amount of those damages just might equal the very amount you owe them.

What a coincidence. Wash.


American Express reduced our line of credit of $10,000 for no reason. We have never been late.

It made it look like we were at our max.

I am a business owner and I have stop taking The American Express card. Maybe if other business owners will follow suit they will get a taste of their own medicine!


1. Look up your company name for free at the D&B site

2. If you're incorporated, contact your state's Secretary of State for the information (I just found out through the Credit Boards site that many states automatically report the existence of your incorporation to DUNS on a quarterly/semi-annual basis).

They should have honored the check. You may need to speak with another rep, or send a certified letter. Luckily for you, high utilization is easier to take care of than having a late reported.

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