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Update by user Mar 03, 2016

American Express refuses to explain why they honored everything in their credit card offer EXCEPT the $300 credit. They continue to deny me the credit even though they admit I've earned it.

If anyone has their card, they need to close their account and apply to an ethical credit card company. AE lies to its customers and falsely advertises to *** people into applying for their card.

They focus on the military, seniors, and small business owners. Avoid AE at all costs!

Update by user Feb 04, 2016

After six months of American Express giving me nothing but excuses for their delay in crediting my account the overdue $300, they are now claiming that they forgot to include the RSVP code on my application. Funny how the card I received matches EXACTLY with the card they were advertising.

So, now they're claiming that since the RSVP code wasn't on the application, they don't have to pay me the $300 credit that their reps have been telling me since the day I opened the account is forthcoming. Nice Try American Express. The interest free period matches.

The 3% back on the category of my choice matches. Funny how the only thing that doesn't match is their obligation to credit my account the $300.

Original review posted by user Feb 02, 2016

In August, 2015 I applied for an American Express credit card. The offer included a $300 statement credit if I charged $1,000 on the card within the first three months.

I charged over $1,000 and am still waiting for my credit. I call every month and get "We're looking into it". "We've open an investigation". "Please give us six more weeks to look into this matter." I called today and was told that no investigation was started but they would be happy to start one.

They refuse to issue the credit card credit as indicated in the letter attached to my application.

RSVP Code for the credit: V342-330-067-5595. I tried to close this card today but was told that no credit would be applied if I did.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Credit Card.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Express Cons: False advertising.

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I am very sorry your having this issue, however thank you for warning those of us who have not got mixed into their insane practices. Was going to get a card today but this review stopped me dead in my tracks. I guess they should have just given you the $300 credit, I am sure the customers lost on this review alone would have netted them more than 300 bucks.


The problem here is that you may not have read the fine print and understood that it depends on what you are purchasing. If you look back at the screen print you provided, it when purchasing $1000 in "qualifying purchases"...did you inquire with Amex about what is considered a qualified purchase?

Maybe they don't provide credit for purchasing gas, or food, or transferring balances....something like that.

This is typical, and unfortunately, IF THIS IS THE CASE, then you may not have met the requirement yet to earn to credit. Yes they should be able to tell you by now, which is shame on them...but you may want to review your purchases again and find out if this may be the case.


All of my purchases were qualified. I verified the charges before using the card.

They verified that I am entitled to receive the $300 credit. They just do not want to issue it. Each month, I'm told that a credit is due, then that they have to investigate to find out why I haven't received it, then there's no record of them starting an investigation, then they say they will start another investigation, then they say that I need to wait a few more weeks for the credit, etc. It's outright false advertising.

I work in the legal field and have reported this rip off company to every financial agency available.

They could care less. They have lots of customers to screw over.


American Express uses FALSE ADVERTISMENT to lure new customers into signing up for their credit cards. They advertise that if you charge $1,000 that they will post a $300 credit on your account.

They then refuse to post the credit and string you alone hoping that you'll keep the card and continue charging. If you close your account, they tell you, "Oh, we would have given you the credit, but now that you're account is closed, we can't".

I have been waiting since August 2015 for the promised $300 credit. Turn these crooks into every financial fraud reporting agency and avoid American Express at all costs!


report them to the FTC and SEC of false and misleading advertisements.


Thank you for this information. Was just about to sign up for a different card with American Express since Costco is changing their credit card for its members.

I was just about to sign up for this program. Thanks

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