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So I went to sell my books back to Chegg.com, which was alright, until they told me that they no longer issued checks and now would only give you your money on an american express serve card. That was just whatever.

So I signed up for the Serve card, linked my accounts and did everything I had to. They were running a promotion that said you would get $10 for using your serve card. Well that all seemed awesome. So I did it, and sent my books in to Chegg.com to get paid.

A few days later I got the email from Serve saying that money has been sent to my account. So I went to serves website and signed in and went to approve the transactions. All three transactions when I tried to approve them sent me an error message and when I refreshed the page said that all three transactions had been cancelled. So I didn't receive over 130 dollars.

So I called the customer service line several times over the course of a week and finally I got to speak with a manager (who was a complete Di@k btw!) named Jason. He pretty much told me that they would be sending me a check instead of putting the money on the dumb serve card that I signed up for. This meant that the money would not be funded to my account, which means that in order to get that $10 dollar credit that they promised I would have to load more money, my own money on to the card and they spend it from the card. They literally made it so that I had to do that to get the promotional $10 that they promised me!

Its a trick and they completely make it so you have to put more money into their services even though their promotion says that you just need to use the serve card!!!

I am completely unsatisfied and still have to wait the 7-10 business days to get my money, if they even send it!!! I do not recommend!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Account.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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