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So once again I spent a day contacting the retailer and getting no where, I then went back to American Express to give them a chance to help me. They closed my account and will not answer any e-mails and when I call my call is dropped as they keep telling me (funny my call has been dropped five times in less then 20 min. thinking they need a better phone service).

Original review posted by user Dec 05, 2012

For all of you that signed up or thinking about signing up for the American Express Serve card..... DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!

BAD BAD!!!!!

I signed up thinking American Express good company!

I bought item, bad item, returned item, company stated would return monies, 30 days later no monies call company stated past 30 days......Called American Express Serve Card they stated there was nothing they could do so sorry good luck.......So out the monies and item and no support. If I had used my credit card I would not lost my monies so beware and for warned the Serve card is nothing but *** and if you buy stuff make sure you want it as they will not help you!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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This is by far the worst card ever


Absolutely useless and a waste of time.


They are horrible. A very poor choice, particularly if you use their bill pay.

They delayed our mortgage payment and caused us to incur late fees, which they won’t pay. I would recommend not using Serve.


Ture,America express holding my money$2500.00and closed my credit card,no support don't know who to contact regarding this issue cause I don't get no answers .Help please


American Express customer service is the most UN-American thing I have ever experienced! I have been transferred 11 times trying to speak to a United States customer service representative and I'm still in India!

This *** card is a piece of *** and I wouldn't own this card!!

Stay away!! This is a corporate card and it sucks !!

Be warned and stay away from American Express Corporate or Business credit cards.....they suck beyond belief!!


they stole $500 from me as well


I have a serve card I put $100.00 on it,did not have a problem it worked,put $20 on it work,what u do is go to WalMart check out, tell them what u want to put on it then it works.


They suck and they r rude never again


I am a AMEX platinum card member and am reconsidering my relationship with AMEX; as previous posts noted the card sux. There were z bunch of bait and switch features which AMEX have now stripped from the card which makes it useless.

I received an email from AMEX today that they Te no longer allowing me to add funds to the card and asked me to close the account. There is no explanation; called customer [dis]service and they said they are not allowed to answer my question and gave me a post office box where I need to send my inquiries ..

Really AMEX, yhTs how you treat customers. I will spread the word to dtAy away from AMEX and AMEX serve!!


American Express serve call center is India somebody in this call center stealing money from people cards here is how the do the scam , you link your bank card to load the card for example you load the card $20 they took the money instantly from your bank transaction done that what you think !! After a two week you ll see $20 debit again from your bank account !!! Stay away this card is a scam


Clarence. ...

This Is By Far The Worst Card I Ever Been Affiliated with.

They have horrible customer service and they claim to protect your account but will continue to lie to you until you eventually just get tired of calling and hearing the same ***.

Would not recommend this card to my enemy. .....


you cannot use the American Express Serve card in the supermarket, grocery store or liquor store. So all of my funds are on this card that i can't use.


I just had a similar experience, I went to click "checkout" on an online order, but because I misspelled my address it rejected it, but the money is still on "hold", and the $100 I just loaded 30 minutes earlier now I have to wait 8-10 days to get back...

Now they're changing their policies and starting to bill $5 per month...

*** em... I hope they fall to pieces and get bought out by Mastercard some day....


You sound like a *** lunatic. Why would you use a prepaid card for...what it sounds like...a major purchase, because you keep blathering on about it, and not a regular credit card?


American express serve does suck I am counting down the days to close my account!!!!


I signed up for the serve card, received it and activated it. Two weeks late after having not used it at all, I received an email stating there was a violation and my account was closed.

I called them and told them I had not used the card. They would not tell me what the violation and will not re-instate the card. I've spent at least two hours with them but to no avail.

I will never have any dealings with anyone that anywhere closely affiliated with Amex. They are a sorry company


Worst card ever. Mobile deposits are consistently declined and no one can say why.

I've had an Amex card for several decades and thought I could count on them to continue doing a great job but I have nothing but problems.

Very unfortunate.


They allowed someone to debit 1600 from my account when it only had one hundred bucks and they refuse to help me at all with the issue.

I am so frustrated now they are saying this cars is not secure


I just recently got ripped off buy their scams myself, they dropped my calls and kept passing me around an office where everyone had an arabic accent, i made my orders or shall i say tried to on ebay for some silver transaction never even went through but they took almost all my money in 1 dollar increments that are in limbo being held hostage,....nothing but a *** scam if i would have use a visa it would went flawless.their customer support btw is a *** joke and makes you feel like they truly are running a scam, it is fraud.


I tried for 6 months to have an incorrect address changed with American Express Service. I contacted them several times, each person I spoke to was from a foreign country and gave me different way to resolve the issue.

Which included faxing proof of my address, making phone calls, etc.

Still could not get them to change my address, I had to cancel my account. I would not select American express serve again.

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