American Express Serve Debit Card Reviews

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i was robbed of $202 by amex serve. on July 20th i went to take money out. and never revieved it. i call customer service for help and all they do is blame yhe next person. i called the atm company and they told me that they can see i never received my money but amex will not give me my money. its been 2 months and they still have no intention on giving me my money. Be very careful when dealing with serve. their not to good of a company and they...
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American Express Serve Debit Card Review from Baltimore, Maryland
I got one of the American Express serve cards to help with medication copayments etc. And I did a mobile check deposit and instead of it them doing it normal for people they make you wait a week for the deposit??? I spoke to them about it both on the phone and twitter and got nothing but nasty customer service from both conversations when I simply asked to have the mobile check deposit canceled. I got to call today 8/15/16 and all of a sudden...
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