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I recently made a room reservation via Amex Travel on the phone about 3 weeks out from date of check-in. The first thing I mentioned to agent was that I remembered seeing Lowest Price Guarantee on the room/hotel I was interested in. The booking agent said to submit the claim after making the booking and before the cancellation policy applies. This indicates to me there is some time between making the booking and cancellation kicking in.

I submitted the claim minutes after making the booking.

Amex claims that because the room reservation is not cancellable, they will not honor the lowest price.

Amex should never have offered the Lowest Price Guarantee for this hotel/booking. It is impossible for ANYONE to be able to submit a claim and get a refund on the price difference. Maybe that is the idea? I cannot imagine that a company like Amex with a stellar reputation would stoop to a bait-and-switch tactic.

If I am offered a booking with a price protection and informed I should submit a claim before any cancellation penalties kick in, it is understood that there is a window of time between making the booking and when the cancellation penalties kick in, allowing me to submit the claim.

It is truly shocking they have stooped to this level.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Wait a moment, you stated the room was not 'cancellable' but you had until the cancellation period to submit your claim. You my friend must be a special type of ***.


Typical Indian style of www ripoff. They have the unmitigated gaul to tell me there is something wrong with my brand new smart phone and my laptop, because their cannot successfully active ate my card.

Typical Indian fashion of blame blame blame the whole rest of the universe because something is not in sync with their twisted money making scam theories!!! India and Pakistani universities must have their very own ripoff courses!!!


serve prepaid card by America Express is dangerously,people beware.They will not refund my $80,they are thieves.I am still fighting them to get my money back.BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE.

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