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I have a Platinum Delta Skymiles with AMEX card that "gives" a companion certificate annually as a benefit. This year I wanted to use that companion certificate to take my family out to Colorado to go skiing in February.

I checked Delta on-line to purchase 4 tickets using FF skymiles and then tried to book 2 more tickets using the companion certificate. When I attempted to book the ticket I was told that the flight was not available in the Fare class requested. However, when I tried to book the ticket and "pay with miles" using the AMEX card and FF miles the flight was available. I checked the terms and conditions of the certificate and it states that all travel must be in the U or L class of service - which this ticket was doing.

Well, an unwritten stipulation is that all legs of the trip must be in the U or L class of service even though the terms and conditions of the certificate do not state this. Moral of the story is this - don't buy the AMEX Delta skymiles card if you think you'll be able to use the companion certificate as a benefit. To make matters worse - I called Delta to file a complaint and they told me it was due to AMEX terms. So, I called and emailed AMEX - they in turn told me the certificate was the property of Delta.

So much for companies being accountable for the products they sell. Once I use all my FF miles with Delta I will move my business to AmericanAirlines and never fly Delta again.

I will also tear up my AMEX! Shame on you AMEX and Delta!!!

Monetary Loss: $450.

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I could not use my companion certificate to go from MSP to Miami because the Delta flight was class H. I feel this goes against the promotion that says certificates are good for all domestic flights.

Delta and American Express customer service could not help me.

I feel it's untruthful marketing and lack of good customer service. I will be canceling my American express card.


This has been a horrible booking experience. This was in part due to the limited tickets available for a certain fare class to be able to use my companion certificate.

Representatives at the 1800-3232323 number had conflicting and inaccurate information. The last rep I spoke to had a bad attitude right off the bat. I am a loyal customer that uses the AMEX card consistently and makes every effort to fly your airline. Why should I have to be treated like a scolded child when I am asking for help or clarification?

I even tried to take the burden off your employees by asking if there was a way to check availability of fare classes of tickets myself online. The rep said there was a way to search for classes of fares at, but when I asked to explain how and where to do this, she admitted that she didn't really know and promptly transferred me to online customer service. Online customer service was better and helped me at least find dates to re-schedule (again) my flight purchase. I had to re-schedule my time off from work twice to rapidly changing availability dates, misinformation from your employees, and no online way to check availability of fare classes online.

This makes me look foolish to my boss.

Something as easy as booking a flight with a companion certificate shouldn’t be so difficult. I am now going to research other airline credit cards as I feel I've wasted too much time trying to claim a paid benefit from this card


I was able to use our companion ticket for my husband on a flight to Seattle recently. No troubles at all. :grin


I've tried in vain for 3 years to try to use my companion ticket and have yet to find the trick/ticket to make it work for me. :x



Same here - I have a SkyMiles Companion Certificate which expires 7/31/12- I have tried to use it over 10 times and the options I am offered are ridiculous in price. I got the Delta Skymiles Reserve card in part because of this certificate but it is really just a ruse.

I have tried to use it when there are seats open on a Delta flight but have been told "there are no seats for this certificate".

I doubt that anyone ever uses it since I could buy two coach seats for less money and be upgraded to first due to Platinum status. I am very unhappy about this and plan to report it to the Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement agency and the Federal Trade Commission since this is part of a credit card offer.


I am again not able to use my certificate to book a flight because non are availble. This is my third time not able to use it.

I call and was told this is not their fault, since April is spring break and I should have booked my flight earlier than February to travel in April. Why is there not a law for this type of scheme when they take the money for the card that we use.I know there are a great many people out there that encounter the same problem.I think we should be reimbused the money we paid for our card and given free flights to off set this great scheme commited by Delta and AMEX.


I have a Platinum Delta Skymiles AMEX card and wanted to use my "free" companion ticket to travel to San Antonio. I was told I could not use my Companion ticket to travel to San Antonio(coach class).

I had to book the flight using my FF miles and pay with the AMEX card. Why use the AMEX card all year and earn a "free" ticket, if I cannot book the tickets when I need them?

The same flight that I asked for had seats available and I used FF miles to secure tickets. Is this a rip-off or what!


i am facing the same difficulty.......... i have 2 certificates going usessless over a year !!!


I've noticed that the milage requirement over the past few years doubled to get an award ticket to anywhere if you can meet their quirky policies and conditions. Sneaky and annoying!

But then these shysters outfits are all pretty much running the same ruse schemes to fill their pockets an empty yours with phony promisses.

I avoid air travel as much as I can but think a congressional law is needed to do away with these phony promotional schemes and lower prices instead. The time has come!

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