Granada Hills, California

My American Express cards all got cancelled - all FIVE !! All of my cards were in good standing - never ever late - NOT ONE PROBLEM!!

So what the heck happened? I added an additional user to one of my corporate cards as they ASK you if you want to do this all of the time...this additional card was set up to be used 95 % of the time - it's just how this card was set up. I didn't use my card... Nobody ever said that this would cause a problem...

I was never told this could be a problem and why would it be? My accounts came up for financial review - now what the heck is that? After weeks of calls and weeks of questions - LOTS AND LOTS OF QUESTIONS. I finally got someone to tell me that my cards came up for review because I wasn't using my card on the corporate account and they wanted to be sure that I could support any and all charges that the additional card holder was spending.

Okay that is fair but I was exhausted now, the process to find out why I was being treated as though I did something wrong was exhausting. Not to mention I am super busy running businesses and using Amex! I supplied AMEX with everything they asked for - phone call after phone call. Finally I got to what I was told to the end of the process and everything looked good but there was a form that they didn't like the size of the font...YES that is what they said!!

Are you serioius!! If filling out this form incorrectly could cause an account to be closed shouldn't they have a standard form that you just sign?? Are they setting you up to fail?? I had submitted this form to them several times and they accepted it but now they wanted the font bigger.

I made it bigger but I guess this time I forgot to check a box and the font was too big on one area. Did I get a phone call NO - was my financial documentation in order - YES - Could I support ALL Charges - YES!! I was away on business the last couple of days and as I was paying for a taxi and my card didn't work. I looked at my emails thinking - Oh Amex thinks this may be fraud and they are looking out for me...I got an email from AMEX telling me that my ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!!!

My twenty plus year relationship with them was DONE over a box not being checked and a font size!!! ALL FIVE CARDS - a few I have Businesses that I RUN MY BUSINESS WITH AMEX. Are you kidding me!!! I didn't do anything wrong - no late pays - nothing nothing nothing WRONG!!!

American Express shame shame shame on you!!! I am moving to the CHASE card never to return to AMEX - please join me - Stay away from AMERICAN EXPRESS !!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Credit Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Please my activate card


Had big problems dealing with Amex and credit limit cut from unlimited to $2000, after requesting replacement card -fraud related. Two hours, it took to replace card with terrible far off connection.

Tonight, card declined for a taxi ride and transferred to a far off-crackly connection.

Turns out, Amex is suddenly outsourcing credit reviews and card replacements to India!!!

India, in the first call, wanted to know before sending me a new card who owned the land and building where I was staying in Nyc. Are you kidding???

Tonight, complained I had too much debt. Forgot to mention, Amex are only cards I have and there was no other debt, save to them!!!

What is going on???

Customer rep says only India has control and there is no other deparents to deal with it.

Then, India complains I'm not hearing them?! So if anyone is wondering what is going on- blame ex sending all American desperately needed jobs to India!!

Anyone has a way around it, please let us know. People from India, I guess, can't read English if it isn't written big enough!!

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