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I cancelled my AMEX BLACK CARD due to poor performance and non-delivery if the projected standard of service at an unjustifiable annual fee of S$7,000 up from S$5,000.

My card was officially cancelled as of end July 2014 with last bill payment verified and fully paid. As of then, my card is cancelled and invalid which is GREAT.

I received several calls from AMEX to inform me that there are some balanced of payment not paid yet. When asked further, I realised that AMEX has APPROVED transaction after the official cancellation of my card. HOW ON EARTH THIS COULD HAPPENED????

Worst, the call center agent who called me said that if I don't pay up, I will be I the black list of Credit Bureau and my credit standing will be affected... I was really MAD as it was AMEX who approved transaction on a cancelled invalid card via merchant who did the payment via AMEX previously. I did not carry the card even before the card was officially cancelled in end July 2014.

I am threatened that AMEX will take me liable again for transactions on a cancelled invalid card (not by card swiping)...

I want to WARN ALL AMEX MEMBERS to be AWARE of AMEX's internal credit approval fault and AMEX will push the liabilities to the members despite its AMEX's internal approval fault of approving a cancelled invalid card. .. and threatened to list you in the credit bureau for poor credit standing...

I had this BAD EXPERIENCE and would like to cautious all members of AMEX's irresponsible manner in handling cancelled and invalid card.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Credit Card.

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