After earning 77,000 reward points after 5 years of accumulation Amex only would offer 60% of point value. Also, the first Customer Reward Point Representative contacted offered less "value" for points. Phone conversations went something like this:


Hello, I like to apply my reward points that I’ve been acquiring for the past 5 years towards the purchase of a flat screen TV that I made this past weekend.


Certainly MR. --- I can help you with that. Let’s see how many points you have. OK, I see you have 77,000 reward points. If you apply all those points towards the TV purchase we will give you 60% of the value of those points for a total of $461 credit.


What happened to the value of $770?


The flat screen TV is considered an “Everyday” purchase therefore only qualifies at a 60% value rate not 100%.


Everyday purchase? I purchase gasoline and food everyday. A flat screen TV not so much. What does American Express consider as a non-everyday purchase?


Airline travel, Hotel stays.

When I called AMEX back I got a different customer rep person. Tiger Direct, the place I bought the TV, is part of their vendor plan so AMEX gave me a credit of $551. Better than $461 but still less than $770.

In the past 5 years I’ve flown twice and stayed at countless hotels but it’s been 8-10 years since I bought a TV.

To be fair, buried deep within the small copy that will make your eyes glaze over, on Amex site this 60% value is mentioned but my criticism is this critial information is not presented in a good faith mannor.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Reward Card.

Monetary Loss: $219.

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How should it be presented? With TVs at the beginning?

What about those that buy something else? They could then complain their item wasn't displayed in good faith since it wasn't first. I have the card and have read the terms.

Yes it's long and list tons of ***, but there's no way to do it otherwise.


Reward can be redeemed fir 100s of different items and they may not all be listed but there are several examples. Ie if guy are using your rewards toward merchandise not in the rewards booklet the value will be as follows.

This is also the case with travel with non partners and anytime you pay with points.

ALWAYS ask a reward rep the best way to redeem point the the type of item you'd like.

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