San Francisco, California
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After speaking with AE's representative, the balance transfer request was processed on my new AE card. A few days later, I received a letter indicating, the balance transfer has been cancelled since the balance transfer amount has exceeded the lesser of $7,500 or 50% of my credit limit! (This decision is not stated any where in the card membership agreement and other documents that come with the welcome package).

I called 1-800-535-7790 on May 7th. The rep that I spoke to was very rude and I asked her to have Perul (Manager) to call me, since I couldn't get any help from her. Perul never called me. When I called back on May 10th asking for her she said that she never received my message and ironically she has been at of office for the last 3 days(when I call on May 7th, her rep told me that she was in a meeting)! At first she was nice and I was fine with her not calling me. After explaining to her about the reason for my call, she agreed to send a complain on my behalf regarding the initial balance transfer request.

When I asked Perul who should I follow up with, she didn't have an answer for me and her tune suddenly changed until the rest of the conversation. I tried many different ways to make her understand that, it is a normal request for being able to follow up, then finally she gave me a reference number.

Perul and her team are unorganized, degrading, and impolite. This was a terrible experience. I hope that I don't ever need to work with Perul and her team.

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