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American Express Serve has the worse consumer support ever!.

I had fraudulent charges on my account that went three times over the amount in the account and called and report it.

I asked how is it that the company allowed such outrageous charges to happen without stopping the charges to go through when there is not enough money in the account. The answer: They do not like stopping charges because the customers must need it to do that. How ridiculous!

They asked questions about the charges and even sent a form of fraud to fill out. I did and sent it back to them. They assured me that they will get back to me within 10 days of investigation and I will receive the money back in the account. They also sent me a new card to have for continued service.

After 10 days, they closed the account because they stated that the charges are not fraudulent but real charges made by the account holder, (me). The charges were not done where I live and they would not give any prove of this investigation.

They had no attention to give me back my money in my opinion.

I am making inquires to different authorities now about them.

Please beware that if you open an account with them and if any fraud, or other concerns with your money comes up, they will not help you, just cancel your account.


For all of you that signed up or thinking about signing up for the American Express Serve card.....DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!

BAD BAD!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same thing happened to me on 12/21/2016. Someone called into American Express Serve and was able to change my email address and phone number.

I found out within about 10 hours. I called American Express Serve and told them i cant get into my account and that the email address it is showing is not mine. They had told me that they tried to contact me via phone because they flagged the activity as fraudulent. But i did not have my personal cell phone with me so I was unaware that they had tried to call.

A few days later I found out that that person logged in after changing the info and transferred money out of my linked bank account and then transferred $394 dollars to another account using the name Farouk Bayassee. American express Serve opened a fraud investigation on 12/23/2016 and within hours i received the following emails:


Recently you inquired about your charge(s) from your American Express Prepaid Card in the total amount of $394.00. Based upon our investigation we have determined that no error occurred and that transaction(s) in question was authorized. Therefore the transaction(s) is not eligible for credit to your Account.


During a recent review of your American Express Serve Account we noticed activity that was in violation of the Serve Member Agreement, section:


Due to the violation your Account has been locked and your Account privileges have been suspended. --- American Express Serve is allowing criminals to steal your money, which in turn makes them criminals. Do not use their cards. They will not have your back.

They will support crimnial activity. American Express Serve. Fraudulent Activity. 15D violation.

criminal Farouk Bayasse.

American Express Serve aides criminal activity. Partial email shown when I tried to log into my account and then had click on the forgot my password link: Roa********** Name of the individual that money was transferred to as shown on American Express Serve Account: farouk bayasse (all lower case)


So did you ever get your money back because the sane thing has happened to me...


That is so true. The same issue has just happened to me.

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