Bluebird by American Express, the card carried by Wal-Mart is a complete and total scam. They will give you your direct deposit for the first few pay times, at a later time of day each pay period.

This time I did not receive my direct deposit. I called my coworkers with other bank accounts they received theirs just fine. I called bluebird they tell me to call back after 2 pm eastern time and will surely be there. 2 PM Eastern Time passes, so I call back and they inform me it will be no later than 4pm Eastern time.

What I find most ridiculous is when I call from the same phone I called from earlier Bluebird says due to their success and high call volume, bluebird will not be able to take your call. I FIND IT VERY FUNNY I CALL FROM ANY OTHER NUMBER THEY ANSWER. THEY ARE A SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM, are doing something funny with my money and refusing to talk to me.

Now I am holding for a supervisor. All they say is wait until 4pm est because we have had technical difficulties with our direct deposit system.

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Did you ever get your deposit? I am having the same problem.


I'm having the same problem. I even called American express themself because I can not get thru with blue bird and i've been on hold for over 2 hrs.

This is my last time with them.

They couldn't even email the customers to apologize for the inconvenience. VERY POOR SERVICE....


I had the exact same thing happen to me.I called them this morning and they tried to make it sound like it was my works fault and told me to call after 2 then 4. Still no money and wont accept my calls.

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