Brockton, Massachusetts
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I changed autopay to another bank and since it takes a month for this to go into effect I wasn't aware that another payment had to be made in interim. AE does send an email to make a payment since there is a delay but not everyone has time to read every email sent and why their system doesn't make a customer schedule another payment because of this delay is beyond me, they are just careless about their customers.

They rather take your money like thieves. They have stolen 50 dollars from me, I was charged 50 in interest b/c I missed out on this little piece of info.

Most people don't have all day to read every detail. AE has added more stress to my life and wasted my time.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Look at it this way, it’s a penalty for being so stupid as to not read the email they sent you, I guess next time you receive either snail mail or email you’ll read it won’t you Ps next time don’t blame others for you being too lazy to read emails

Terrance H

Delete this piece of garbage from life who calls people stupid inappropriately there is no reason for that word anyway

Terrance H

Never call someone "stupid" that is something that needs to be deleted from society.

Terrance H

Only a halfwit would communicate that way, it would be more appropriate to say "negligent" if applicable that is your lesson for today you little fxwit. You think you can hide in anonymous LOL, nobody can hide from me.

I will find you in time and teach you and AE some good lessons. You are weak , a little person to speak in a such way. So am I negligent if I lost my glasses and couldn't read the 100 emails I received that day? Is that laziness?

You are an idiot for making such comments.

You are telling me AE can't set up their system so that I set up the other payment in the meantime? Part of the problem of the world are halfwits like you with no brains that enjoy being fxed by banks and gov'ts.

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