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I worked for a company as President/CEO back in 92-94. At that time, the Corporation Chairmen/Owners had Amex cards issued for the Company and several of the employees.

I used mine regularly and all bills were paid by the Corporation as one would expect.

However, when I resigned and accepted a job in Texas in late 94 I later received, about 3 months later, notices from Amex and their collection services that I had a $7,000-$9,000 outstanding balance with Amex. The account they referenced was the prior Corporation that I worked for.

Not only was I not aware of this, but it also turns out that the prior owners had sold the Company since my departure (they claimed that if I wasn't there to run it, the customer base wasn't responsive).

Either way, the prior owners claimed that they paid all applicable bills, sold both assets and liabilities in the purchase agreement with the new owners, and that there was nothing for me to be worried about. Not true.

I told Amex this, yet they still have someone harass me every now and then, and have placed negative information (very negative) on my credit report regarding this account, which I never applied for or signed anything personally to get. What do I do?

They even cancelled my own personal Amex which I had for years - even prior to joining this Company.

We hate to say this but if Mike reads the fine print on his Corporate Amex card agreement, he will find that he is personally liable if the company fails to pay. He agreed to this when he got the card in the mail and signed it. It's not fair but it's legally binding.

Mike might have some recourse against the owners of the old company but then again, he might not, depending on the details of how the company was dissolved. Mike really needs to consult an attorney about this -- sooner rather than later, for eventually Amex will sue him for the overdue amount.

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