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Recently I had 8,000.00 U>S> charged to my amex Corporate card for Japan Airline tickets which I did not buy. Amex Fraud notified me and said the charges were denied.

No problem, Issued a new card. Eight months later only half of the amount was credited. While AMEX knows the names and addresses of the persons whom bought the tickets they turned me over to collection for the balance. Their excuse is "THAT CORPORATE CARD ACCOUNTS HAVE NO FRAUD PROTECTION" If there was no fraud protection why did they credit 50% of the stole amount?

Since when are corporate users allowed to no protection. Why dosen't AMEX just debit the merchants account ANA SIGNLESS

who processed the stolen charges?

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Account.

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Let me tell you my story with amex ***.

In 2002 I was online on ebay (the thieves' hangout place)shopping for a power tool. I was unlucky to find someone selling what I wanted for less than half the price.

I was also unlucky that those thieves were selling them in large quantities. I was naive back then and asked to purchase $12000 worth. Thinking that I would sell them and make double WHAT AN ***! The SAME DAY after I completed the ebay transaction I was skeptical.

I went online and researched the "company" and found out that they were involved in fraud in Tennessee. I bet you they're probably from NYC but they go deep south to open a fraud location... Anyway, I called Amex the same day and said I just placed a purchase for $12000 and realized that the seller is involved in fraud. I also gave them the Better Business Bureau report.

They refused to do anything and they said wait and if you have issues you can dispute the charge. I was literally screaming at them. WHAT THE ***!!! I contacted ebay.

SAME THING! I tried everything for a couple of days but I wasn't able to do anything. Basically someone can open a bogus Amex merchant account and sell imaginary items on ebay and get away with it because Amex will not do anything until the end of the statement. You can't call a minute after you place the charge and complain.

I had to go through *** and in the end my account was on the black list.

Screw all these charge companies. Use cash.

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