Saint Albans, Vermont

I was working with AMEX on a settlement with my account that I have had since 1989. AMEX said that they were requesting a settlement from their department.

The next thing I know is that I get a call from GC Services saying that I am in collections and only can work with them. AMEX has gone from a premier company to a "Slum" category. First, I have used AMEX for many years and pay off my balance in full. One day, they decided to drop my limit to my balance without notification.

They then started to charge my over limit fees when they dropped my limit. I was working with them on a settlement and all of a sudden they turn it to collections!!!! No notification!!!

I have notified several of my friends and families that have have AMEX, going through similar situations and are stopping personal and company credit card use. This company is looking dismal as they business practices are choking themselves into bankruptcy!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Account.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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