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Unbelievably I have made 5 attempts and spent 3 1/2 hours on the phone over last 2 weeks to get spending alerts set up for the additional cardholders (wife and daughters I added) and my own primary card. After 4 attempts averaging 45 minutes per call--No spending alerts just a lot of dialogue.

I made one last call this evening and still no resolution No one can solve the problem and I get bounced back between India and Fort Lauderdale and they never keep notes as to the previous dialogue even when requested to do so. Soooo Frustrating to have been a loyal customer for 32 years! And I usually pay my charges in advance. The Service and amenities simply are not worth the card anymore.

I am going to calculate the exact number of minutes I have spent trying to resolve their IT Glitch (assign a reasonable hourly expense) and deduct from final bill along with the cost to add my family member and the unused portion for me as the primary cardholder. ADIOS!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

American Express Pros: Past product offerings.

American Express Cons: Inability to resolve a problem that cost me time and oney, Customer service, Inability to solve it issue.

  • Amex Patinum Customer Service
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After AMEX FINALLY came to the conclusion spending alerts can not be set-up for the additional card holders I gave up and decided to keep my membership as I do enjoy the overall card member benefits.


I became a "member" back in 1979. I have never had one iota of a problem with AMEX any where in the world.

One time I left my card in a restaurant in Grand Junction, CO and received a new one via FEDEX within two days.

AMEX has been nothing but superb in terms of service, though I do not like the new annual dues.

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