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I was in the American Express card holder of three cards one of them being the American Express platinum card. I contacted American Express a couple months ago and closed one of my accounts due to not using the card.

I thought no reason to have three of their cards. With that being said it left me with two American Express cards one of them still being the platinum card. Are used the platinum card every single month for thousands of dollars and every single month I paid my credit card off in full with a zero balance remaining. Never late always on time!

However, I had to contact customer service three times to have an issue resolved regarding an automatic payment that was not supposed to be coming out of certain bank account. Unfortunately, due to the poor customer service I experienced with them once again they tried to pull my payment out of an account that was closed. So, I was informed by email the following day that my accounts were closed due to a return Payment. As I stated previously, I had contacted customer service regarding the same issue and they reassured me that it was taken care of in which return it was not and now my accounts are close.

I just want every single person to know that American Express is the most horrible credit card company I have ever ever experienced! For somebody who was a little customer who use my card every single month for thousands of dollars and paid off and for the zero balance never late it’s a shame that the company thinks it’s OK to do it they did and shut down my cards. So, if anybody is looking into getting an American Express card I highly recommend you do your research and do not use them.

On top of that there is a $500 annual fee that American Express charged to my account in which return I ask for a credit think they close my account and that they did give me a partial credit however, they would not give me over $200 with the points that I had on my account that could’ve been used for the payment oh I get card or whatever else they offer. I lost the points because they close the account horrible experience I will never ever recommend them

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Platinum Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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American Express really knows how to treat their loyal customers, someone who has excellent credit who was never late on payments & who notified Them!!! Of fraud on there account!!

What AMEX do?

Cut there credit limit in half without notifying me? I just canceled cards they are no good, everyone should just dump them look at there reviews remember they need us more than we need them

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