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My card was refused yesterday so today I tried to check my balance.My account was locked after three tries using my correct email and correct password.

I know my password is correct because I made a record of it. I called twice and both times the call was lost. Very frustrating and disappointing. On the first call I got a message saying the service was down and to call again later.

I did and call went through, service obviously not down. The third call was ended, lost, whatever. I was never able to speak with anyone about being locked out.

Does anyone have any advice for me?I don't think I will continue to use this card as it now seems like a scam.

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I had the same problem over the last couple of days but it was resolved his morning when I thought about calling the regular American Express service line and they helped me.I only had to wait on hold for 15 Mins.

I recommend everyone called that number because the man was soooo helpful and now I just got my money out of the atm.

I was scared that it was stuck in there but luckily it’s all better now.You can google American Express customer service number or call 1-800-528-4200


Omg I thought I was the only one I’ve been trying for 2 days noe never again can’t wait to get my money off that damn card

to Yarmah #1434628

At least I'm not the only one locked out of their account....hopefully Monday we can get this crap straighten out!!


Never using this service again if i ever get my money out!!!

to Anonymous #1434911

Call the regular American Express line at 1-800-528-4200. They helped me


Locked out of my account,no customer service,I have an emergency!!! Never will use this card again.

to Andrea B #1434914

Call the regular American Express line at 1-800-528-4200. They helped me


never will i use this card again this makes no sense to have no access to ur money but they sure are taking out fees


This must be happening to many people I’m in same boat.


Never ever again its straight bull locked out no customer service very scam like so angry waste of time and its my tax return and I have no access to it!


they SUCKKKKK with customer service

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