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I have American Express EveryDay card I went to Circle K to purchase gas I purchase $23.62 when I went to check my statement online it said $85 when I called American Express representative she said did you insert the car I said doesn't everybody that's why she said when you inserted they charge you that amount I never heard of anything in my whole life she said you have to go in to the store itself and purchase gas that way I said why in the world would I do that I have never done that way when I used my other cards she was very rude she said that Circle K did it. I said they had nothing to do with that transaction of $85.

This company is a mess. Customer service is very rude they don't want to hear you tell them especially when they have no explanation of errands anything she said thank you for calling merican Express and hung up.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Everyday Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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" online it said $85"

When you go to a gas station and use a credit/debit card at the pump, the gas station(or bank/CC company) will put a hold on a certain amount not knowing how much gas you're going to get. It can take a few days for the hold to drop off.

If you don't want this to happen, you have to go inside and buy a specific amount of gas.

Happens all the time, probably the first time you've noticed it.

"Swipe a card at the gas pump or check in to a hotel — or any place where your final total isn't known — and merchants often place a temporary hold on the account. The purpose is to make sure you can pay for that tank of gas, or for raiding the minibar on your way out."

"Hold times vary Hold times could be minutes, days or even a week or more, depending on a mix-and-match of elements, including the type of card you use (credit or debit), the way you used it (PIN or signature), the bank or credit union issuing the card, the merchant involved, your own history and even the day of the week. Use a debit card and PIN at the pump, and in a majority of cases, that money is back in your account "minutes later," says Ravi Subbaraya, the product manager for checking and payments for PNC Bank.

He tested it recently, and his banking app showed the unspent remainder of a $50 gas pump hold returned to his checking account before he got back in the car. "Most fuel tends to process much faster," he says."

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