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If AMEX makes your payment due on a Sunday, they expect the payment on a Sunday. I incorrectly assumed that the next business day would be acceptable.

I also pay on-line via my bank and they will not process payments on Sunday. However, this does not matter to AMEX. Been a customer for 10 years and they charged me $32 in interest for making my payment on the next business day, which in my experience is standard practice. So a $32 lesson with "no way" to waive it according to the customer representative.

Once I am eligible to cash in my rewards, I will and close the account. Many businesses are starting not to accept AMEX anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Credit Card.

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Like you I was charged a late fee and interest for a payment due on Sunday but not collected until Monday by AE. I reviewed my bills for the last year and it turns out that when I make the payment available (through banking on line) on the prior Friday and it is not due on the week end, AE manages to collect it.

However, if the payment is available on Friday and the due date is Saturday or Sunday, they wait until Monday to collect the money. This is a sophisticated financial company that know exactly what it is doing. Your only protection is to pay the bill a week before it is due.

BTW, the fact that you pay in full every month is a negative in their eyes, so don't highlight that point.


I don't see your complaint here. Even my other credit cards have payments due on a weekend.

Next time, don't wait until last minute and don't assume anything. A deadline is a deadline.


Do you have any previous late payments? If not, they could have waived and forgiven this "late" payment.

Not to be mean, but it seems common sense to me that when you pay AFTER a due date, it will be considered a late payment. This is not Amex's fault.


Not correct. AMEX is holding its own against the other card issuers, primarily because of Costco.

Why do you wait until the last minute?

The other card issuers will take a dim view of this plan and you will get late charges and interest from them as well.

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