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can i receive money from anywhere in the world such as australia

1 answer
According to American Express FAQ you can use your card withdraw cash at participating ATM locations worldwide. You can also contact American Express customer service by phone at (800) 528-4800, by email at

conflicting zip to establish bill pay

Statement address is P.O. Box 650448, Dallas, TX 75265-0448 I punch the info in for my bill pay through my bank and the address comes up with this zip instead, 33336-0001.

I want to make sure and pay our bill through electronic funds through my bank and not have them send a check. (the Dallas address allowed me to send a check by USPS but I want to make sure it gets there on time.

The question being, which address gets my payment to you electronically? thank you

1 answer
We received a settlement bill from Amex and we were perplexed because we had closed the acct. Thi po box 650448 dallas tx is a fradulent address and the number they have on the bill also.

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