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Of all the big credit card companies, my experience with American Express as been the most unpleasant as of recently and their service the worst. As a note: I have had a credit history for about 4 decades and I have never defaulted on a a monthly payment to a loan or credit.

I have used American Express on and off here and there and really for minor stuff for the most part. About 2 months ago, I wanted to ensure I never missed a payment and so set up AutoPay. As with all my other cards, I believe I set it up for minimum payment. However, on the due date, American Express tried to collect the full amount, however the full amount was not available and so the transaction did not go through.

I called immediately to correct this and the representative assured me it had been corrected and all was good. 2 days later they again tried to collect the full amount. I called again immediately. The representative was a bit less than helpful and told me the system was automated and it would try again in 3 days due to the automation and there was nothing he could do about it.

This response to me was very uncaring as of course there is a way to correct this but he did not want to. NOTE: I did get the minimum payment set with the autopay and was told it would correctly debit in a few days and no repercussions would happen.

Following this and with no further warning, Am Ex proceeded to lower my credit limit to what was on the cards and then a few weeks after this, they cancelled both cards I have with them. Again, I would like to say, I have never once defaulted on a monthly payment on any of my cards yet the above is how they quickly dispatched me as a client of theirs.

To me, their customer service was quintessential robotic and non-customer service oriented from any of the major credit cards. I do not recommend working with them from an average upper/middle class individual customer viewpoint.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The lesson to be learned from your experience is to never, ever allow auto payment of bills. It is not hard to get a paper statement of what you owe and then write a check to pay it.

Or, you can do it an easier way and when you get the paper bill, just go online to your bank and pay it via the bank's "bill pay" or whatever they call it. Most banks offer this free and it is a secure way and an easy way to pay monthly bills. Some credit unions still charge for this, but they will eventually catch on. As for the customer service reps at AmEx, know that when dealing with them over the phone you rarely get someone who really cares about your problem or how to fix it.

That's just the way it is.

Your card is now cancelled. Consider that a good thing for you in the long run.

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