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WOW, we recently made a payment online to American Express (Amex) and they ACCIDENTLY made the payment 4X times as requested and approved via the recorded phone call!

Upon calling Amex the following day, the monies they took in five (5) minutes now require WEEKS to reverse, various lines of blarney followed by more lies and deceit!

The "original" discussion was and is 7-10 business days to unravel due to various antimony laundering requirements, but by FAR my favorite excuse is Amex called and asked what our account number is at our Bank

MY reply was the one you "SUCKED" out all the 4 X times funds from...i.e., a MASSIVE delay tactic to hold the monies YET again!

25 Year plus Customer ...Gone from Amex

Run whilst you can !!!

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I’m confused - they took the money 4x as requested, so what’s the problem - maybe next time you shouldn’t request they take it 4x

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