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I recently bought a serve card for my 16 year old son. Their monthly fees, reload fees etc were lower than the prepaid visa he was previously using-so it sounded like a good deal...

should've know better... we registered the card w/ my SSN (just as we had done with the visa) well AMEX said that "application" it's still "pending". (Seriously an APPLICATION for a PREPAID card!?!)

He needed more money on his card so I purchased a vanilla reload card & AMEX/serve won't let me put the money on the card because "the application it's still pending"?!? I call customer service & the girl I spoke with told me because he is a minor he can't have a serve card (not a problem for Visa) & I should but another serve card & register it under my name...

I spent another $22.00 (the smallest amount you can load is $20). The new card won't let me register as there is another card with my SSN linked (another non-problem with Visa, they'll let you have 100 cards if you want).

I again call customer service & I am told there is nothing they can do, I have to wait for the previous "application" to be denied so this one can be registered... they can go in& cancel the previous application- apparently NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE AMEX/ SERVE COMPANY HAS ACCESS TO "THAT" SYSTEM...

she refused to transfer me to anyone else, not even a supervisor after repeated requests, saying they all have access to the same system... THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABHORRENT, that address but in the U.S. & read a script/ repeat the same scripted lines & do not HELP. Now I'm stuck with two USELESS serve cards & a vanilla reload card I can't access money on!!!

We're spending down the money and NEVER using these awful cards again... Back to the VISA prepaid from now on!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Express Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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***correction*** they CAN'T cancel the previous application

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