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i was in southern california near LA, in a hotel ( booked using my american express card) when someone used my card information to make fraudulent purchases in Sacramento - 6 hours away at two different walmart stores in close proximity to each other. american express fraud "investigation team" determined that.....

i made the purchases ( they must think i have the ability to teleport) and suspended my account "due to a violation of member agreement section 15D". i tried to resolve this issue with AM ,to find out exactly how they came to the conclusion they did, namely how was i in two places at once, but all i was given is rude dead end answers . i was told that there was no one i could speak to besides their "hotline manager" - Alvin, who said he could not give me his last name. i was told by one lady that i could contact the customer care center and they may reopen my case but then alvin said that was untrue, that there was nothing else that could be done for my situation ( all of this said on their "recorded line").

in desperation, i asked for anyone's number or email so that i may call and get this sorted but he said there was no one over him , he was the "front end manager"... hard to believe in a company this size.... felt like i was in a Twilight Zone episode.... the worst of this is that i DID NOT MAKE THESE PURCHASES and its like these people do not care at all.they locked me out of my account , so i could not obtain any information regarding this.

i lost my money and my only credit card up to this point.someone stole my information and used it and yet im the one they point the finger at and completely refuse to see the lunacy in their accusation..i am appalled that these people are able to continue doing business in this manner.i have contacted both of the walmart stores as well as the sheriffs dept and they have been very helpful in assisting me to find out who it was that did this...

more than i can say for those buffoons at AM!! i am outraged that this has come to such a point and if need be, i will go to court to resolve this, if for nothing more than principle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

American Express Cons: Fraud.

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Right on man and I'm glad u are going all the way to not let them do this to others in the future hopefully.


Oh wow! The same thing happened to me!

I had fraud activity as well from 2 Walmarts from Sacramento even though I'm in Orange County and have had the card on me at all times. I've been going back and forth with customer service as well and they are absolutely no help!

I feel like no one can fix this. Any update yet?

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