I have been an American Express credit card member for close to 15years.

I never asked for a credit increase because did not want it to begin with. Unlike most credit cards - Amex management was pathetic to not even consider an automatic increase in credit line.

I recently closed out my Amex Blue card. Got done with the F***ing association with Amex. Reason - in 15 years had 4 late fee reversals. Almost all credit cards give up to 1 or 2 late fee reversals to a customers in one year especially when the cause is genuine and the customer is maintaining a good account history. But F***ing AmEx just give a *** about this customer association.

BTW - always paid in full and this last time I was late by 2 days to make the payment. The reason, I was out of the country for an urgent trip and while I was there I did not have ready access to internet. I explained my situation to AmEx and I was told - hey make your payment in full and then we will take care of you. I did that and called back in - ONLY TO BE RUDELY TOLD - SORRY CANNOT GIVE YOU THE $25.00 BACK AS YOU WERE LATE IN MAKING PAYMENT. My explanation that my account actually was having a credit and that there was just one Costco charge that I made on the account - due to which there was a balance. Did not make any bloody difference to various levels of AmEx customer service and also their managers. I must add here that I was in fact maintaining a +ve Credit on the F***ing AmEx card that these bunch of b***** did not bother to send it back to me on their own in the first place.

I am so pissed with Amex that they bloody well give a $25.00 late fees more value over a customer who was with them for the past ~15years - AMAZING AMEX YOU F****ERS ARE JUST TERRIBLE!!!!!

I swear that I WILL NEVER EVER SIGN UP FOR AN AMEX CARD - ALSO will make sure that my friends, corporate customers / company people - know about how AMEX treats customers. And will get them to switch their credit cards and corporate credit cards to VISA OR MASTERCARD over AMEX.

Good RIDDANCE TO AMEX!!!!!!!!!!! F***ING A********S

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These A holes did the same to me after 30 years of business ( which I calculated to be at least $1.75M in charges paid every 30 days). They deserve to go broke for their bs customer dis-service. Never again with these idiots.....never!


Well, their customer service is horrible.I never have been late on payment in my life.

Today I got a phone call I used Amex card on vending machine about 6 months ago. I had no clue as my credit card summary online on iPad says the balance is zero. Anyway, they don't even try to confirm it was me who used the card on vending machine; they don't even know the location of purchase (MasterCard is excellent about this). $10 on vending machine?

I had no clue, but I am tired of hearing this rude woman yelling at my ear on my iPhone. I just paid the entire amount and closed the account permanently. They lost business with a lot of people because of this very rude person they hired for customer service. She doesn't even know how to go back on computer screen and read the details of the purchase made on the card.

I also have to say Amex should upgrade their online credit card account system more frequently.Pathetic.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #693093

Maybe try paying your bills on time? Being out of town is not an excuse when you've got almost a month to make the payment.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #687054

Given this ridiculous post and your amazing writing skills, ( :roll :roll ) I can't believe you ever got an American Express card to begin with.

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